Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn.

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Introducing our groundbreaking digital curriculum, Amplify ELA, now available for iPad and Chromebook.

A deep dive into crucial math concepts, through our games

Amplify STEM games work to strengthen students’ skills in these two crucial areas of math, in a fun way.

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Teaching reading in a Common Core world

Tim Shanahan, a Common Core author and Amplify consultant, on how the standards will change guided reading instruction and other aspects of teaching literacy.

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What teachers liked most about the Amplify Tablet this year

Teachers at three of our partner sites reflect on how the Amplify Tablet made an impact on their classrooms during this school year.

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“The Amplify Tablet helps make personalization possible. It provides immediate feedback to the student and to the teacher, who can then make timely decisions about working with individuals and groups.”

— Carlo Rotella, The New York Times Magazine