Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn.

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Introducing Professional Learning Maps. PD that starts with you, stays with you.

Five ways my class uses tech to learn about the world

Using the Amplify System, teacher Janette Ray and her fifth-graders connect with students around the globe every day.

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Why third grade is the pivotal year for reading

Amplify ELA assessment experts discuss the critical transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

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Mapping out a customized PD plan in New Mexico

The Jemez Mountains school district used Amplify’s Professional Learning Maps to develop the exact professional development its staff wanted.

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“The Amplify Tablet helps make personalization possible. It provides immediate feedback to the student and to the teacher, who can then make timely decisions about working with individuals and groups.”

— Carlo Rotella, The New York Times Magazine