Tailor instruction to meet each child’s precise needs. Our assessment solutions help teachers measure student progress and close learning gaps quickly, so that all students achieve proficiency.

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Use our reports to collaborate with others across your district.

Our aggregate-level reports help colleagues from various schools work together to find the best ways to improve student performance districtwide.

Deanna M

Instructional coach

West Virginia

I rely heavily on mCLASS aggregated reports, which provide a snapshot of student performance. These allow me to have conversations with our schools in the district to identify patterns and address deficits in our countywide curriculum.

Professional Services and Consulting

Our services go well beyond initial product training and provide ongoing support to ensure continued success with our products. Our coaches help build educators’ proficiency in using data, and our consultants focus on creating and implementing innovative technology solutions that scale.

9 things to look for in Common Core assessment

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