Adaptive literacy intervention software for grades K-6

Close the gap between data and instruction.

Immediately identify students who are struggling and provide them with the support they need when they need it to build a strong foundation in literacy. Burst:Reading adapts literacy intervention to student needs every 10 days to help close the achievement gap.

How it works

Generate small groups and target intervention for each group in just a click, with a high-tech, human-touch solution that provides engaging instructional content and activities to bring the lessons to life. With Burst:Reading you can:

  • Quickly analyze assessment and progress-monitoring data.
  • Create and customize skills-based intervention groups.
  • Download short bursts of instruction for each group.
  • Adapt lessons to the skill, pace and style needed for each student.
  • See Burst:Reading in action.

    Follow a second-grade teacher who is managing the intervention process with Burst:Reading.

  • Log in.

    Burst:Reading allows the teacher to easily access assessment results, create student groups, generate differentiated instruction and link to material and resources.

  • View results.

    Viewing the class summary, the teacher uses composite benchmark scores to quickly identify students for progress monitoring.

  • Create groups.

    The teacher selects classes and reviews group recommendations, focusing on the two earliest skills needed for the students in a group.

  • Set preferences.

    If the teacher needs to modify the groups, there are filters using more specific criteria and preferred group size to recreate groups.

  • Manage intervention.

    Burst:Reading generates customized lessons for groups of students with similar needs and enables the teacher, Mr. Calvin, to follow a two-week instruction plan.

  • Follow Bursts.

    With a 10-day lesson plan, Mr. Calvin follows daily activities for 30 minutes of intervention that build skills needed by the group.

  • Deliver instruction.

    Using step-by-step directions, Mr. Calvin delivers lessons, including games and activities, and focuses on supporting or challenging students based on individual progress.

What’s included

Burst: Reading is available through per-student licenses and includes:

Product features

  • A Web-based software application.
  • Self-service enrollment and rostering.
  • Secure data hosting and management.
  • A materials kit for targeted intervention.

Support services

Additional options is an online resource for instructional videos, instructional content and supplemental materials.

Every moment matters.

Sheila Hartley, K–8 instructional coach at Miami-Yoder School District, Colorado, says Burst:Reading made assessment analysis much easier and provided personalized instruction plans for each student. This allowed teachers to focus on what they do best: teaching.

Watch how Burst:Reading improved literacy among struggling students in New Hanover, N.C.

Research-based, classroom-tested

Burst:Reading follows a skills-based model that reflects the National Reading Panel’s thinking on literacy. It uses research-derived patterns that have proved highly predictive of later success in aligning intervention to student needs.

High-tech, human touch

Burst:Reading materials draw from the experiences of highly effective teachers, coaches and literary researchers, and incorporate games and activities to keep students highly engaged.

Popular platforms

Burst:Reading is designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android touch-screen devices, using Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers.


Accounts are set up and managed through a secure connection, and mCLASS apps are automatically downloaded when teachers connect to the Internet and log in.


An Internet connection is not necessary to conduct assessments in the classroom. Data is stored locally in the browser until high-speed Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is available. Once connected, teachers can save data to our secure servers.

Because Burst:Reading is so targeted, we’ve seen student performance improve much faster than we used to. It also increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our teachers.

Bree Lessar, superintendent, La Veta School District, Colorado