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A Common Core formative assessment solution for grades K–12

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Ensure student mastery of the Common Core with the right combination of CCSS-driven content, technology and services. Our comprehensive solution includes assessment, analysis and instructional planning.


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Here's how it works.

With mCLASS Beacon, you can:

  • Streamline the planning, creating and assigning of custom district assessments.
  • Gauge student progress using high-quality content written to the CCSS.
  • Gain deep insight into student performance with intuitive reporting and analysis.
  • Target student needs in the moment with tools to create instructional plans for the whole class or a small group.

Use content native to the standards.

Assess student learning, from basic comprehension to the integration of complex ideas, using a content bank and success checks written to match the rigor and style of the CCSS.

Drive instruction with technology.

Teachers can individualize instruction in real time with these instant reporting, analysis and planning tools:

Matrix report

This standard report allows you to analyze student performance on individual and clusters of standards, depth-of-knowledge levels and other skills.

Learning map

Our groundbreaking, interactive map allows you to visually track progress through research-based, developmentally appropriate learning sequences.

Instructional planning

You can drill down on a single standard for item-level detail and distracter analysis, and create instructional plans with built-in tools for grouping students and assigning resources.

  • See mCLASS Beacon in action.

    Follow these steps to create assessments, understand student performance and drive instructional planning and decision-making with mCLASS Beacon.

  • Create assessments.

    Build district assessment programs that match the claims, clusters and standards of the Common Core while also meeting your curriculum and pacing goals.

  • Access fixed form assessments.

    Access a suite of short, formative classroom assessments and performance tasks for grades K through 12—the first of its kind developed native to the Common Core.

  • Pick your format.

    Assign and administer assessments online or with paper and pencil.

  • Choose a report.

    Two reporting views are available for teachers. The Matrix Report is the traditional view and provides analysis on important Common Core dimensions such as cluster performance, text complexity and DOK.

  • Map out a plan.

    The Learning Map report visually represents student progress toward standards mastery. Gauge performance at a glance as students move through research-based progressions from lower left to upper right.

  • Zoom in for detail.

    Gain specifics by zooming in; the map will show you clusters of related standards and greater detail on student performance for individual standards.

  • Analyze the details.

    Drill down to item-level analysis to find scoring rubrics and rationales as well as individual student work.

  • Create instructional plans.

    After identifying students with similar needs, group students as part of a targeted instructional plan.

  • Add resources to the plan.

    Add lessons, homework assignments, professional development and other instructional resources to help reteach a particular skill or standard.

  • Aggregate administrator reports.

    While the teachers use the Matrix Report and Learning Map in the classroom, administrators have access to powerful reports that help inform data-driven decision making at the district level.

Product features

  • Web-based software application
  • Secure-data hosting and management
  • Self-service enrollment and rostering
  • Classroom and aggregate reporting
  • Item-level analysis and grouping tools
  • Standards-based instructional resources


  • The Assessment Studio includes blueprinting and assessment creation tools and a native CCSS content bank for grades 2-12, with more than 30,000 items and 1,400 complex texts for math and ELA.
  • CCSS Success Checks for ELA, writing and math include Quick Checks, the first short assessments for grades 2–12 written to the new standards, observational tasks for grades K–1 and performance tasks based on SBAC and PARCC for grades 2–12.