Inspire students to work harder and aim higher, and invigorate teachers with new ways to truly personalize learning. Our groundbreaking digital curriculum is the most ambitious effort yet to replace textbooks as we know them.


Our core ELA programs and supplemental resources focus on vocabulary, reading and writing skills required by the Common Core State Standards for grades K-8.


Our math program includes supplemental math practices and performance-task preparation projects targeting the Common Core State Standards for grades 6-8


Our core science programs and supplemental resources focus on the integration of content, science practices, and CCSS-based literacy standards, as required by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grades K-8.

We'll meet you where you are.

We understand that every school is on a different path to implementing both new educational technologies and new academic standards, and our print and digital products aim to meet you wherever you are on that journey, in the sequence and at the speed that makes the most sense for you.

Our approach to building curriculum

Our core K-12 digital curriculum is built from the ground up, firmly rooted in research from the very experts who helped shape the Common Core. It rigorously challenges students while also keeping them captivated and active, through simulations, games, e-books, collaboration spaces, videos and more.

  • See our digital curriculum in action.

    Follow a classroom in Florida using our Amplify ELA curriculum.

  • Reading like detectives

    Students closely analyze texts, learning new vocabulary and searching for clues and nuances in the writing to help them make inferences as they read.

  • More one-on-one time

    Students spend some time working independently and at their own pace on the tablets, allowing the teacher to give personalized instruction to individual students when they need it.

  • Writing like a movie director

    Classroom activities such as storyboarding allow students to study and react to texts from a different perspective, such as that of a movie director, to dive deeper into the meaning of the characters and story.

  • The value of student collaboration

    Students gain some of the most valuable insight when sharing their ideas and working with each other to find answers.

A unique group of collaborators

We partner with leading academics, lifelong educators, award-winning artists, world-class game developers and experienced programmers to bring our lessons to life. As part of our digital curriculum, we’re creating a library of more than 25 adaptive educational games for ELA, math and science that reinforce classroom work outside of school.