The Writers’ Express®

A writing program with a proven method and curriculum for grades 3–5

Build skills for success.

Focus on a single skill at a time in the right order needed to build powerful, motivated writers. Follow sequenced lesson plans and provide frequent, targeted feedback to personalize instruction with The Writers’ Express (WEX) method and curriculum.

The WEX Method

Track each student’s progress through the carefully selected sequence of skills, using a cycle of daily, low-stakes practice assessments with targeted, authentic feedback.

Allow students to work at their own pace, moving back and forth between technical skills and expressive abilities to develop distinctive writing voices with The WEX® Method.

See WEX in action.

Watch students and teachers as they follow a complete learning cycle.


Daily, sequenced lessons break learning to write into clearly defined skills:

  • Developing ideas, grades 3–4
  • Making connections, grade 5
  • Materials kit

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Simple instructions and materials focus classroom time on instruction, feedback and progress. These include:

  • Teacher’s guides
  • Electronic classroom displays
  • Student journals and resources
  • Implementation support kits

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Recommended training and support programs include combination services, which may be customized to fit your needs and your budget:

  • Full-day workshops, half-day workshops, one-to-three-hour, single-session workshops and coaching sessions for teachers, administrators and supervisors
  • Three-day intensive summer institutes
  • A remote professional development series
  • Unlimited phone and email support

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Decades of research

The WEX Method was developed by teachers and has been field-tested since 1994. Each instructional technique has been assessed for efficacy, consistency and efficiency across a variety of educational settings.

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Federally funded study

Based on the rigor of the proposed research methodology and compelling results to date, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) awarded a four-year, multimillion-dollar research grant to evaluate the efficacy of WEX in a randomized trial. Results will be available soon.

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WEX works.

Four months after partnering with WEX in January 2008, 18 schools in Springfield, Massachusetts, reported an improvement in writing skills among its students in grades 3–5.

The WEX Method is definitely our missing link: It touches the heart and soul of what teaching and learning are all about. It is systematic, explicit and rigorous, yet fun and highly developmental in nature.