Empower teachers and engage students with our unique, open learning platform and all-in-one tablet system designed for K–12.

Amplify Tablet System

Amplify has collaborated with Intel® Education to offer a ruggedized tablet built for K-12 from the inside out. The Amplify Tablet designed by Intel Education is part of the Amplify Tablet System that also includes instructional software, K-12 content, and strong implementation support – everything districts need to make the digital transition. With the Amplify Tablet System, it’s easy and affordable for districts to start or scale a 1:1 initiative.

A tablet solution that truly impacts the classroom

With the Amplify Tablet System, students and teachers get the hardware, software, content and support they need to truly impact teaching and learning. Students’ devices know them and are organized around both their classes and interests. Teachers gain exclusive, easy-to-use Classroom Tools that help them plan lessons, prepare quizzes, share multimedia resources and quickly check students’ level of understanding. The tools also make it easy to manage all of the students’ tablets during class.

Mobile device management customized to school systems

Purchasing tablets for a 1:1 initiative is a serious investment that demands a serious device management solution. Amplify has developed a mobile device management (MDM) platform purposely built for K–12 education; it allows district IT to manage thousands of tablets remotely and securely. Administrators can easily provision and configure each device down to an individual user basis—all wirelessly, with no need for charging or sync carts.

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Rich content on an open platform

We have preloaded the Amplify Tablet with rich education content and tools, and we’ve also created an open platform that can easily integrate with teachers’ and district’s curricular resources.

High-quality training and support

Our professional development (PD) is designed to help teachers truly integrate the tablet into their instruction. Educators also have ongoing access to tech support by phone or email, and an online community of our own support staff and other users across all of our sites.

Accessibility on the tablet

The Amplify Tablet enhances the instructional experience for all students and teachers with accessibility features enabled for vision, speech, hearing, and physical and motor skill-impaired users.

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Spotlight on: Playlist Builder

Our Web-based tool allows teachers to easily create, organize and distribute digital lesson plans filled with multimedia content. These playlists can be directed to the entire class or specific groups for personalized instruction.

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Included Software

  • Amplify’s exclusive instructional platform
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Chrome
  • Clock
  • Gallery
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Talkback
  • Google Translate
  • Google Keep
  • Play Books
  • Play Magazines
  • Play Movies & Video
  • Play Music
  • Movie Studio
  • Sound Recorder
  • YouTube



  • Headphones
  • Protective case
  • External keyboard


  • Projector cable
  • SD Card
  • Tablet-charging carts

Amplify Tablet System $359


  • Rugged, IP52 splash-resistant design
  • Rugged 10" IPS display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Ultrafast WiFi with MIMO technology
  • 9+ hour battery life in classroom conditions*


  • Classroom management & participation tools
  • Formative & summative assessment tools
  • Digital lesson planning & assignments


  • Amplify Market with K-12 apps
  • Open platform to integrate with any curriculum
  • Starter kit of content & digital lesson plans


  • MDM & content filtering
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing customer support

Leasing option: $160/year for 3 years. Additional leasing fees may apply.

*Battery life may vary based on usage and other conditions.

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