Larry Berger

Chief executive officer

Larry Berger co-founded Wireless Generation in 2000. Larry led the company’s invention of mobile software that makes formative assessments instructionally useful to teachers. He has also overseen the development of personalized curriculum tailored to individual student needs, and large-scale data systems designed to analyze student information. Larry was a Rhodes scholar and a White House fellow.

Joel Klein

Senior advisor

Joel Klein is an education visionary and proven leader of change. Prior to Amplify, Joel was chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, where he oversaw a system of 1.1 million students and 136,000 employees. While there he led systemwide transformations that resulted in significant increases in student performance. Under Joel’s leadership, high-school graduation rates in the City rose 20 points—an increase of more than 40 percent.

Laurence Holt

Chief product officer

Laurence Holt previously served as Chief product officer of Wireless Generation, where he oversaw the engineering, design and production of software solutions. He also founded and acted as CEO of Quidnunc, a business and technology consulting firm with clients such as Apple, Sprint, the BBC and Goldman Sachs. He served on the board of directors of the Computing Software and Services Association.

David Stevenson

Executive vice president

David Stevenson leads the company’s policy, advocacy and outreach activities. David previously managed the product development group, where he personally led the software teams that developed the TPRI and Tejas LEE assessment products. Prior to joining Amplify, David was a producer and product manager at Scholastic, and worked as a technology director in schools in New York City and Paris.

Patrick Smith

Senior vice president, general manager of enterprise data systems

Patrick Smith was previously a senior vice president with Aon Consulting, where over the course of seven years, he held various management positions in its call center performance measurement, employment process outsourcing and human capital services business units. Prior to that, Patrick managed service delivery operations in New York City for General Electric. He also served in the U.S. Army, where he attained the rank of captain.

Deborah Reck

Chief English language arts officer

Deborah Reck co-founded The Writers’ Express (WEX) as a nonprofit to develop literacy instruction tools for teachers. She also led the organization’s initial merger with Wireless Generation. Deborah previously taught in the Baltimore City Public Schools and in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She worked closely with the editors of the Common Core State Standards to write reading and language standards for grades K–12.