Only math can save a city in Amplify’s game, ‘Twelve a Dozen’

Available today in Apple’s App Store, ‘Twelve’ helps students build key algebraic skills.

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What is 'personalized learning'? Educators seek clarity


A number of education and technology organizations are seeking to forge a clearer understanding of what this concept really means.

After 20 years, a teacher reinvents her classroom using technology


After decades in the classroom, this D.C. educator developed a new style of teaching that gives students a mix of technology and small-group instruction.

The Paperless Classroom Is Coming


A national push to get a computer into each student's hands will upend the way American children are taught.

3 ways technology buoys at-risk students


A new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) show the benefits of classroom tech to at-risk students.

‘Thinking computer’ that won on Jeopardy could help teachers


The “Watson Master Teacher” concept is still in development, but it’s already drawing attention from national education leaders.

Edtech companies pledge to protect student data privacy


A coalition of “school service providers,” defined as anyone providing an online educational service or app that collects student data, pledged to safeguard student information privacy and security.

Report finds ‘deeper learning’ model improves outcomes for all students


New research conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) has found that the deeper learning model does have positive learning outcomes for students, regardless of their background.

Empowering superintendents in the digital age


Given the critical role of superintendents in leading the digital transformation, how do we support them in creating a robust learning environment?