Five close reading myths debunked

Don’t believe all you’ve heard about this instructional practice, says our director assessment content.

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The top ways digital tools transform learning


Project Tomorrow’s Annual survey highlights how students and teachers leverage digital tools to change education.

How thinking in 3D can improve math and science skills


Growing evidence suggests that a focus on 3D characteristics of the material world can help children hone their spatial thinking skills—and that such skills, in turn, support achievement in math.

US educators lead in overestimating student poverty, may affect mobility


OECD findings show that principals in some countries vastly overestimate the poverty level of their students, and their perception of disadvantage negatively correlates with student math achievement.

5 emerging trends in today’s libraries


The American Library Association’s 2014 Digital Inclusion Survey makes note of the large role libraries play in education, individual engagement, and developing new programs.

Make or break, why middle school math counts


Middle school is a time of development, discovery and transition for students—but also an exciting and powerful time for math education.

3 ways to plan for diverse learners: what teachers do

From Ways to Plan for Diverse Learners: What Teachers Do>

Differentiated Instruction (DI) casts a spell on educators as to how it meets all students' needs, but every teacher already has the tools to differentiate in powerful ways for all learners.

U.S. gets low scores for innovation in education


U.S. schools and classrooms rank near the bottom among the countries studied in a first-ever report on education innovation by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Three 'secret' ingredients for a successful small school


A study of 25 successful small New York City high schools found that each personalized learning for students, set high expectations, and relied on experienced, effective teachers.

KQED, National Writing Project host #TeachDoNow course


A free course provides educators with a way to learn how to use Twitter and other social media to teach digital citizenship and promote honest discourse about the web.