Only math can save a city in Amplify’s game, ‘Twelve a Dozen’

Available today in Apple’s App Store, ‘Twelve’ helps students build key algebraic skills.

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Here's what teachers (and parents) need to know when looking at the increasingly lucrative landscape of apps, learning systems, MOOCs and hardware.

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E-learning on snow days now an option for Pennsylvania schools


In inclement weather and other unusual circumstances, the state's 501 school districts now have the option to use "nontraditional educational delivery methods," such as cyber school, to keep learning.

MIT study finds learning gains for students who took free online course


Students in a free online physics course from MIT demonstrated roughly equal learning gains if they stuck with the class, regardless of previous academic experience, researchers reported Tuesday.

What’s behind ‘bad’ math skills?


As STEM skills, including math, become more important, efforts are underway to change math instruction and how students view math.

You are asking the wrong questions about education technology


We should certainly embrace technologies that will help educators become more impactful, but we need to make sure that these tools are also aligned with learning outcomes.

When students get creative with tech tools, teachers focus on skills


Consider the impact if, rather than focusing on new tools, we explored the skills students need to learn and then incorporated the most effective digital resources to accomplish those objectives.

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A new generation of educational games is harnessing students’ love of video games and turning them into voracious learners — without them even realizing it.

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After edSurge opened nominations for an ed tech contest, they saw some interesting trends around which states and countries were submitting.