Only math can save a city in Amplify’s game, ‘Twelve a Dozen’

Available today in Apple’s App Store, ‘Twelve’ helps students build key algebraic skills.

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When students get creative with tech tools, teachers focus on skills


Consider the impact if, rather than focusing on new tools, we explored the skills students need to learn and then incorporated the most effective digital resources to accomplish those objectives.

Latest games are finally unlocking the key to making learning more fun


A new generation of educational games is harnessing students’ love of video games and turning them into voracious learners — without them even realizing it.

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After edSurge opened nominations for an ed tech contest, they saw some interesting trends around which states and countries were submitting.

Project-based learning moves into classrooms


Through project-based learning (PBL), students achieve a deeper understanding of lessons as they investigate and attempt to solve real-world problems.

Making students partners in data-driven approaches to learning


Using data with students encompasses classroom practices that build students’ capacity to access, analyze, and use data effectively to reflect, set goals, and document growth.

Top predictions for tomorrow’s classrooms


Now that technology has put classrooms on the path to transformed learning, what’s in store?

5 ways technology Is disrupting education


New classroom tech tools don’t just change the delivery of the same material, they’re kicking off an array of changes to how students engage with learning.

Parent engagement rises as schools communicate with tech tools


The days of newsletters being buried in students' backpacks are going by the wayside as schools look for digital ways to keep parents informed and engaged.