In North Carolina, Amplify Tablet training in full swing

Educators at Guilford County Schools say they’re eager to use the tablets to help personalize instruction and manage their classrooms this year.

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A surprising new study on how video games impact children


Author Andrew K. Przybylski, Phd., conducted a study that looked at how different amounts of gameplay impact gamers.

Rhode Island announces plans to be the first state to go fully blended


The Commissioner's office will spend the next couple months touring the state in a series of meetings and workshops with community members, schools and parents to learn about what needs to be changed.

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CTOs and directors of technology share the lessons they've learned in rolling out devices to every student and teacher.

How edtech helps students with college readiness


Edtech companies are continuing to try to solve the problem of underprepared students, and research has shown high levels of engagement when students use tech.

How to minimize digital classroom distractions


Classroom tech such as tablets and wireless internet access offer exciting opportunities to enhance and deepen learning. Here are ways to keep the focus on learning, and away from distraction.

How technology is being used in music classrooms


This infographic takes a look at how technology is revitalizing how musicians compose, record, perform, and distribute music – both in and out of the classroom.

Encouraging intrinsic motivation in your students


Motivating your students isn’t always easy. But when you break down the concept into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the conversation can get interesting.