5 standout science apps for K-12

Science and technology are often interconnected, so it’s not entirely surprising that science apps are some of the best out there. With these five apps, students can design their own rocket ships, study the human body in detail, discover and document wildlife, and more.

Our app picks, which are all available for download on the Amplify Tablet, were carefully selected by our own experts as well as our pedagogical partner, Common Sense Media.

Simple Rockets

Price: $1.99

Skills: thinking and reasoning, technology, creativity, self-direction

Highlights: Students can choose the parts they need—from the engine to the fuel tank—to design their own rocket ships, then blast off in them to explore and learn about various planets in the solar system. Challenges are built into the app so that players can compete with each other to see who can fly the fastest and farthest.

Visual Anatomy

Price: free to $2.69

Skills: self-direction, thinking and reasoning

Highlights: This interactive app allows students to get a detailed look at various human body systems, muscles and bones, with more than 400 high-resolution images and 850 subject points. The app also includes quizzes with 150 multiple choice questions for students to test their newfound knowledge.

Project Noah

Price: free; included on the Amplify Tablet

Skills: using and applying technology, collecting data, investigating

Highlights: This crowd-sourced field guide turns students into “citizen scientists” by letting them upload their own photos of local wildlife. They can join projects (called “missions”), such as Global Schoolyard Bioblitz, which documents the plants and animals found around participants’ schools. They can even help working scientists who have ongoing research projects.


Price: free

Subjects: math, science, social studies, ELA

Skills: thinking and reasoning

Highlights: Teachers and students can use the more than 1,500 tests and 70,000 review questions in JogNog’s app to review for state tests or use as a homework helper. The tests and questions are standards-aligned and cover not only science, but also math, ELA and history. Grade reports can be exported to make student assessment easy.

Next Generation Science Standards app

Price: Free

Skills: self-direction, communication

Highlights: In partnership with the National Science Teachers Association, this app allows students and teachers to keep the NGSS handy on their mobile devices. They can quickly find each standard through topic or keyword search.