How tablets help teachers learn, too

Watching a student’s excitement as he grasps a new concept or idea—that pretty much sums up the joy of teaching in a nutshell. And more and more often, even the most seasoned teachers are enjoying their own moments of surprise and discovery, as they learn new ways to use technology in the classroom.

Take Mrs. Riley, a teacher of 29 years at an Amplify Tablet pilot school. The first to admit she’s no tech expert, Mrs. Riley knew she had a lot to learn when the tablets were introduced to her class a few months ago. With her students, she explored the many apps and features of the tablet, then found unique, engaging ways to integrate them into her lessons.

“This has been a great learning experience for me,” she says. “Adding technology has caused me to be a better teacher.”

To see how Mrs. Riley and her students used the Amplify Tablet for a project on ancient civilizations, watch the video above.