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Explore our highly engaging K-8 science program.

In every unit, students take on the role of a scientist or engineer to explore a real-world phenomenon and learn the knowledge, skills, and concepts outlined by new science standards. Along the way, teachers have access to robust support as they transition to next-generation science instruction.

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Amplify's K-8 ELA programs earned all-green ratings on EdReports.

This year, Amplify received EdReports’ highest-possible “all-green” rating. “All-green” means that all elements of Amplify’s ELA programs—Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) for grades K-5 and Amplify ELA for grades 6-8—meet the highest standards of alignment, rigor, and usability.

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Why knowledge-based learning improves reading comprehension.

It’s not enough for young readers to know how to decode words on a page. Knowledge building is essential to improving literacy. Read our guide to find out how this approach is making a difference in reading comprehension, and the best ways to implement it in your classroom.

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