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Welcome, Lake Washington reviewers!

Authored by UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify Science was designed from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards to teach students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers. The program combines literacy-rich activities with hands-on learning and digital tools to engage students in exploring a compelling real-world phenomenon in every unit.

On this site, you will find easy-to-follow instructions and resources to support your review.

Courses for review

Amplify Science is a blended learning program where students take on the roles of scientists and engineers to solve real-world problems.

Below you will find log in instructions for the digital curriculum.

Teacher account - grades K–5

Click below to preview the curriculum:

Preview the curriculum

Click here to view a materials list.

When you are finished reviewing, sign out of the digital curriculum. Need help?

Student digital resources - grades K–5

Students in elementary school work primarily offline. Students in grades 2 through 5 have access to digital simulations and modeling tools through the Student Apps page. Click below to view the Amplify Science Digital Student Library.

Preview the curriculum

When you are finished reviewing, sign out of the digital curriculum. Need help?

Course structure

  • Elementary school curriculum

    Grade K


    • Needs of Plants and Animals
    • Pushes and Pulls
    • Sunlight and Water

    Grade 1


    • Animal and Plant Defenses
    • Light and Sound
    • Spinning Earth

    Grade 2


    • Plant and Animal Relationships
    • Properties of Materials
    • Changing Landforms

    Grade 3


    • Balancing Forces
    • Inheritance and Traits
    • Environments and Survival
    • Weather and Climate

    Grade 4


    • Energy Conversions
    • Vision and Light
    • Earth’s Features
    • Waves, Energy, and Information

    Grade 5


    • Patterns of Earth and Sky
    • Modeling Matter
    • The Earth System
    • Ecosystem Restoration

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