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Amplify Science Resources for New York City

Amplify Science Resources for New York City

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K–5 6–8

Introduction to Amplify Science K-8

Amplify Science is the product of a collaboration between the experts at the University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and the instructional technology experts at Amplify, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Institute of Education Sciences, and the National Science Foundation.

The Amplify Science approach adheres to the letter and spirit of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students build knowledge across disciplines in each year so that past learning is connected to new concepts, applied to new phenomena, and further developed in each successive year. The framework-focused design of the Amplify Science curriculum is grounded in the following:

● Designed from the ground up for NGSS
● Emphasis on unit coherence
● Real-world problems and scientific phenomena
● Multimodal approach
● Explicit support for literacy development
● Expanding opportunities for visualizing

In each Amplify Science unit, students are asked to inhabit the role of a scientist or engineer in order to figure out scientific phenomena through a 21st century, real-world problem context. Over the course of the unit, students collect and make sense of evidence from multiple sources and through a variety of modalities, ensuring that they have multiple vehicles through which to develop and articulate their understanding of each phenomenon. As the class progresses through their lessons, students move back and forth from firsthand investigation and inquiry to secondhand analysis and synthesis, formulating an increasingly complex explanation to help them solve the problem at hand. Finally, at the end of the unit, students are presented with a brand new problem context to consider, giving them an opportunity to take what they’ve learned over the course of the unit thus far and apply it to this new context, thereby demonstrating a deep understanding of the phenomenon.

Amplify Science’s real-world problems provide relevant, 21st-century contexts through which students will investigate different scientific phenomena and develop a deeper understanding of Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), acquire more experience with Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), and observe the interconnectedness of various science disciplines through the Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCCs).

Advanced Literacy Instruction and Amplify Science: Supporting Three-Dimensional Learning

The New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS) were created and adopted in 2016 with the aim of providing foundational knowledge for the students of New York who will become the scientists, engineers, technologists, and technicians of our world. Modified from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the NYSSLS focus on educating all students in science and engineering (All Standards, All Students). Accordingly, the NYSSLS are intended to ensure all students succeed by specifically meeting the needs of historically non-dominant groups, including:

● economically disadvantaged students
● students with disabilities
● students with limited English proficiency
● girls
● students in alternative education programs
● gifted and talented students

To provide these and other populations equitable access to deep and engaging science and engineering learning opportunities, while also promoting the development of advanced literacy skills, the NYCDOE has adopted the NYSSLS-aligned science curriculum: Amplify Science.