Amplify Atlas™

mCLASS®:Reading 3D™ benchmark book set built for the Common Core

Prepare students for the future of reading.

Support close reading of texts with a carefully curated set of 76 field-tested books. Amplify Atlas™ helps students meet and exceed new ELA standards, focusing on comprehension, textual evidence and informational text.

Academic vocabulary support.

Students build knowledge while using complex text and academic language in their regular practice.

Cross-genre coverage.

Texts are wide-ranging and of varying complexity, including historical documents for authentic text.

Compelling imagery.

Lush illustrations enliven text across genres for students.

What’s included

Amplify Atlas includes 76 field-tested books developed according to guided-reading levels A to Z and PC/RB. Comprehension questions can be downloaded as a PDF.

Shelley Nordquist

District elementary curriculum coordinator

St. Joseph School District, Missouri

M​y​ teachers like the content of the ​Amplify Atlas​ book​ set​. The books are more engaging for students, and teachers appreciate ​how ​they make assessment time more manageable. The Atlas comprehension questions are much more in line with our new CCSS curriculum.