Accelerate early literacy growth for struggling readers.

Use data to adapt instruction.

Automatically group struggling readers by need, and provide them with support to build a strong foundation in literacy. Burst:Reading adapts intervention to students’ needs every 10 days, providing the right instruction at the right time.

About Burst:Reading

Generate small groups and target intervention for each group in just a click, with a research-based, instructor-led solution that provides engaging instructional content and activities to bring the lessons to life. With Burst:Reading you can:

  • Create and customize skills-based intervention groups.
  • Track students’ progress with built-in diagnostics and progress-monitoring assessments.
  • Adapt lessons to the skill, pace and style needed for each student’s individual needs.
  • How Burst:Reading works

    Follow a second-grade teacher who is managing the intervention process with Burst:Reading for an overview of how it works.

  • Log in.

    Burst:Reading allows the teacher to easily view skill gaps, create student groups, generate differentiated instruction and link to material and resources.

  • View data.

    The teacher identifies patterns in the performance of struggling students.

  • Create groups.

    The teacher selects classes and reviews group recommendations in order to target instruction based on students’ needs.

  • Adapt instruction.

    Burst:Reading generates customized lessons for groups of students with similar needs and enables the teacher, Mr. Calvin, to follow a two-week instruction plan.

  • Deliver lessons.

    With a 10-day lesson plan, Mr. Calvin follows daily activities for 30 minutes of intervention that build skills needed by the group.

  • Progress monitor.

    Built-in diagnostics and progress-monitoring assessments allow Mr. Calvin to adapt instruction based on students’ individual progress.

See Burst:Reading in action.

Take a guided tour of Burst:Reading software to see detailed steps in the intervention.

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  • Powerful software algorithm that analyzes assessment data and homogeneously groups students based on where they are in the reading skills progression
  • Lesson builder that automatically assembles detailed lessons that target the skills each group is ready to learn.
  • Kit materials and a digital card app to streamline lesson prep.
  • A practice app with games students play to improve their automaticity on the skills they’ve been taught by their interventionist.
  • Standardized diagnostic probes for progress monitoring.
  • Analytical reporting to oversee students’ progress throughout the year.
  • Live webinars, embedded support, and educator help desk to help with fidelity and use.

Research-based, classroom-tested

Burst:Reading uses research-derived patterns that have proven highly predictive of later success in aligning intervention to student needs. In a study awarded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), Amplify, in partnership with the University of Michigan, found that K-2 students in Burst:Reading grew by up to 8 student growth percentile points more in early literacy skills than similar peers who were not enrolled in Burst:Reading.

High-tech, instructor-led

Burst:Reading materials draw from the experiences of highly effective teachers, coaches and literary researchers, and incorporate games and activities to keep students highly engaged.

Choose your device.

mCLASS is compatible with the most common mobile touch devices, using a supported browser.

Popular platforms

Burst:Reading is designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android touch-screen devices, using Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers.


Accounts are set up and managed through a secure connection, and mCLASS apps are automatically downloaded when teachers connect to the Internet and log in.


An Internet connection is not necessary to conduct assessments in the classroom. Data is stored locally in the browser until high-speed Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is available. Once connected, teachers can save data to our secure servers.

Bree Lessar


La Veta School District, Colorado

Because Burst:Reading is so targeted, we’ve seen student performance improve much faster than we used to. It also increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our teachers.