Early childhood assessment software in English and Spanish for pre-K.

The earlier, the better.

Fully prepare children for kindergarten and beyond by combining C-PALLS assessments with the measurement of social and emotional development as well as literacy, science and math skills, with full support for all Head Start domains.


Step-by-step guidance enables teachers to focus on their interaction with students and makes pre-K assessment administration, analysis and action easier to manage.

  • Measure critical skills for early literacy, science and math with short, research-based tasks.
  • Monitor the development and skills included in all 11 Head Start domains.
  • Observe and record behaviors to gauge social and emotional development.
  • Identify areas of strength or concern with detailed reports and analysis.
  • Plan individual, group or class activities based on performance and progress.
  • How mCLASS:CIRCLE works

    Learn how a pre-K teacher uses mCLASS:CIRCLE to gauge students’ development for an overview of how it works.

  • Begin assessment.

    The teacher opens the mCLASS application to determine the status of assessments for children in the class.

  • Explain the exercise.

    The teacher follows the prompts to help the child understand how the assessment will work.

  • Assess skills.

    Brief tasks are automatically timed and scored to measure this child’s development in math, literacy and science.

  • View results.

    A summary of results for each child is displayed directly on the teacher’s device.

  • See summary reports.

    Secure Web reports include both class and student summaries for a portfolio of every child’s development.

  • Aggregate reports.

    Administrators can view aggregate data to get a better picture of progress across grades to help them make resource and instructional planning decisions.

See mCLASS:CIRCLE in action.

Take a guided tour of mCLASS:CIRCLE software to see detailed steps in the assessment.

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Product features

  • Assessment application
  • Full coverage of all Head Start domains
  • Newest assessment content from the Children’s Learning Institute
  • Aggregate-level reporting and analysis
  • Self-service enrollment and rostering
  • Secure data hosting and management

Support services

  • Product implementation and product training
  • Unlimited technical and instructional support

We’ve partnered with the best in the field.

mCLASS:CIRCLE was developed in collaboration with partners Susan Landry, Ph.D., and the University of Texas Health Science Center’s Children’s Learning Institute (CLI), and is based on CLI’s nationally recognized research.

We offer support every step of the way.

A CIRCLE-certified trainer guides early childhood educators through practices proven effective by CIRCLE research. The training sessions demonstrate how the assessment—combined with observations and grouping—helps create a positive and focused learning environment.

Diane M

Educational technology coordinator

Rhode Island

Our teachers don’t want to go back to paper-pencil PALS. Some of the teachers have said to me, ‘Wow. I didn’t realize it was going to be this easy.’ It’s a really valuable instrument. It even helps us make decisions.