A universal screening and progress-monitoring system for K-6 reading

Build a strong foundation in reading.

Monitor the development of foundational literacy skills that students need to become proficient readers. Instant reporting and step-by-step guidance turn assessment data into practical instructional support, building a foundation for future success.


Quickly identify the needs of each student and inform instructional next steps with the only licensed mobile version of the research-based DIBELS Next assessment.

  • Use short, one-minute fluency measures for foundational reading skills.
  • Replace manual calculations with instant results and recommended activities.
  • Compare student progress with predictive, research-based benchmark goals.
  • Track progress and target instruction to individual student needs.
  • Use comprehensive reporting to support decision-making at every level.
  • How mCLASS:DIBELS Next works

    Follow a first-grade teacher through the mCLASS foundational skills assessment for an overview of how it works.

  • Assess skills.

    The teacher uses the mCLASS application to complete a timed assessment on nonsense words for student David Jones.

  • Score performance.

    The score immediately indicates how David performs on the measure.

  • Identify patterns.

    The teacher can identify patterns to inform instructional next steps for David.

  • Conduct activities.

    Additional activities are immediately available to address David’s performance.

  • Compare performance.

    David’s teacher logs in to access secure mCLASS data and compare students’ performance with predictive benchmarks on a secure site.

  • Get recommendations.

    The Item-Level Advisor tool identifies David’s learning patterns and provides recommendations to improve his performance.

  • Group students with ease.

    Using assessment results, the Small-Group Advisor tool helps the teacher group students with similar needs to target instruction.

  • Aggregate reports.

    While the teachers use tools in the classroom, administrators can aggregate data to get a broader analysis of progress across the grades, to help them make resource and instructional planning decisions.

See mCLASS:DIBELS Next in action.

Take a guided tour of mCLASS:DIBELS Next software to see more detailed steps in the assessment.

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Product Features

  • Web-based software application
  • Aggregate-level reporting and analysis
  • Self-service enrollment and rostering
  • Secure data hosting and management
  • Materials kit for assessment and progress monitoring

Support Services

  • Product implementation and product training
  • Unlimited technical and instructional support

Additional Options

Data-use training

Gain proficiency in interpreting and using data effectively with self-paced online training courses created in partnership with Dynamic Measurement Group (DMG), the authors of the DIBELS assessment.

Partner edition

The mCLASS:DIBELS Next CKLA Partner Edition instantly matches assessment results with lessons and activities from the Skills Strand of Core Knowledge Language Arts, a comprehensive reading and language arts program.

Choose your device.

mCLASS is compatible with the most common mobile touch devices, using a supported browser.

Popular platforms

mCLASS:DIBELS Next and mCLASS:IDEL are designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Android touch-screen devices, using Chrome™ and Safari® web browsers.

Secure, easy setup

Accounts are set up and managed through a secure connection. mCLASS apps are easily accessible through our secure URL from your web browser.

Works offline and online

An Internet connection is not necessary to conduct assessments in the classroom. Data is stored locally in the browser, and when connectivity is available, teachers can save data to our secure servers.

Nita F

Reading coach


There is no time in a teacher’s day to waste, and mCLASS:DIBELS Next is a quick and accurate assessment of a student’s reading strengths and weaknesses.