A universal screening and progress monitoring system for K-3 math

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Scores are only part of the equation. Combine universal screening and progress monitoring with guided diagnostic interviews to get a richer view of at-risk students, and to gauge the effectiveness of math instruction and intervention.

About mCLASS:Math

Ask questions to uncover students’ mathematical reasoning, and measure fundamental skills required by the Common Core State Standards in mathematics for grades K–3 in both English and Spanish.

  • Conduct one-to-one or written benchmark assessments.
  • Interview students and record answers and problem-solving strategies.
  • Receive instant diagnostic profiles and suggested instructional activities.
  • Identify at-risk students, and diagnose where they are struggling.
  • Track progress and compare student performance with research-based benchmark goals.
  • How mCLASS:Math works

    Follow a first-grade teacher using mCLASS:Math to determine next steps of instruction for an overview of how it works.

  • Assess skills.

    The teacher is using the mCLASS application for a timed assessment of early numeracy and number sense skills.

  • View scores.

    Instant assessment results for the student, David, allow the teacher to view his performance against research-based benchmarks.

  • Record observations.

    The teacher also conducts an observational assessment with David using intuitive icons to record observations of the student’s problem-solving methods.

  • Understand reasoning.

    A guided diagnostic interview helps the teacher learn more about David’s approach, including questions that ask him to think about alternate strategies.

  • Review results.

    The results reveal David’s understanding of mathematical concepts based on his problem-solving methods.

  • Target activities.

    With the performance analysis the teacher receives recommended activities targeted to David’s need.

  • Use reports.

    Class reports summarize overall performance and help the teacher track assessment and monitor intervention progress.

See mCLASS:Math in action.

Take a guided tour of mCLASS:Math software to see detailed steps in the assessment.

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Product Features

  • Web-based software application
  • Aggregate-level reporting and analysis
  • Self-service enrollment and rostering
  • Secure data hosting and management
  • Materials kit for assessment and progress monitoring

Support Services

  • Product implementation and product training
  • Unlimited technical and instructional support

Leslie K

Elementary math consultant


The diagnostic interview portion of mCLASS:Math is the only assessment tool I have seen that dares to sketch a picture of a child’s ability to think mathematically.

Choose your device.

mCLASS is compatible with the most common mobile touch devices, using a supported browser.

Popular platforms

mCLASS:Math is designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Android touch-screen devices, using Chrome™ and Safari® web browsers.

Secure, easy setup

Accounts are set up and managed through a secure connection. mCLASS apps are easily accessible through our secure URL from your web browser.

Works offline and online

An Internet connection is not necessary to conduct assessments in the classroom. Data is stored locally in the browser, and when connectivity is available, teachers can save data to our secure servers.