Amplify ELA + ELD: California Edition

Imagine igniting a passion for reading and writing in all California students.

Introducing Amplify ELA + ELD: California Edition, a comprehensive, digital program that challenges and supports all students, including English language learners.

A robust digital program for every level of learner

Amplify ELA + ELD, which has been adopted by the California DOE, is built around a careful balance of complex literary and informational texts, engaging learning activities, collaborative projects, daily writing exercises and independent work. Regardless of a student’s level of proficiency, the experience is seamless, as text selection is uniform across both core ELA and designated ELD instruction time.

Classroom teacher

Ballico Middle School, California

If I were to write a reading program for the digital world, this would be it.

Higher-level thinking

Students are challenged to think deeply and analytically, studying texts that are complex but accessible — made even more so with digital supports.

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Rich, interactive experiences

Our thoroughly interactive curriculum ignites a passion for reading and writing, with experiences that help students make tangible connections to what they are learning.

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Shared platform

Students and teachers work on devices (laptops, desktops or tablets) connected through a shared platform. Students do all of their assignments here, and teachers can see their progress and provide feedback in real time.

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New takes on complex texts

Understanding rigorous texts, including classics from the likes of Frederick Douglass and William Shakespeare, requires additional scaffolding for many middle-schoolers. Amplify ELA presents challenging texts in a variety of ways, such as through dramatic readings and story animations by award-winning actors and artists. Giving students different ways to grasp texts makes close reading, the task at the heart of the new standards, possible.

Designated ELD instruction

Amplify ELD is an extension of ELA core instruction, providing a curriculum that develops English language proficiency. The ELD program builds upon the same core text lessons, focusing on the development of reading and writing skills, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking and active listening.

Core texts and media

Every unit is organized around one or more core texts. The curriculum uses rich media to bring these diverse literary and nonfiction sections to life for all readers, inspiring close reading and evidence-based writing, plus routine opportunities for vocabulary, grammar, and research skill development. Immersive projects called Quests extend students’ understanding and analysis of each unit.

Ongoing feedback

Thanks to real-time data captured during student work both in and outside of the classroom, Amplify ELA creates opportunities for teachers to provide ongoing, constructive feedback and respond to student needs in timely, meaningful ways so that instruction is relevant and personalized.

Robust digital library

The Amplify digital library offers more than 600 classic and contemporary books aimed at fostering a love of reading and learning. Our expansive collection includes fiction and nonfiction texts suited to a wide range of reading abilities and interests. The books in our library represent a diversity of voices, perspectives and subjects from throughout history, offering far-ranging opportunities to learn, explore, imagine and share.

  • Rigorous and riveting grade-level texts including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays, with multimedia supports.
  • Explicit instruction and practice with evidence-based writing and research.
  • Classroom orchestration tools that allow teachers to guide individual instruction and manage group discussion and interaction.
  • Instruction and supports for three levels of English language learners.
  • Embedded digital library and interactive, curriculum-based apps.
  • Integrated assessments, including embedded progress monitoring, and formative and summative assessments.
  • Embedded professional development and ongoing supports for teachers.