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Early Literacy Assessment Tool

Early Literacy Assessment Tool


Amplify is proud to partner with CDE and CO districts to continue providing the Early Literacy Assessment Tool on our platform. Schools that choose to participate in ELAT on our platform receive the following tools and supports:

  • mCLASS:DIBELS Next: CDE approved interim assessment
  • mCLASS:IDEL: CDE approved interim assessment in Spanish
  • mCLASS:DIBELS Deep: CDE approved diagnostic measure
  • Valuable instructional supports for teachers: Student- and class-level reporting, instruction tab: quick links to specific and targeted activities that correspond to identified student skill gaps, easy grouping tool to form small groups based on similar instructional needs
  • Connection to Parents
    • Home Connect letter to provide parents that explains student progress and activities that can be done at home. Letters are available in English and Spanish.
    • Parent website that includes parent friendly explanations of early literacy skills and provides many activities for them to engage with their child. The entire site is available in English and  Spanish.
  • Early literacy skill practice for students through the Boost app
  • Professional development resources
  • Quality customer care M-F 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Not sure where to start accessing mCLASS data?  Check out the new mCLASS Tips and Tricks.

Important Updates

New Product Enhancements for 2018-2019!

On Demand Professional Development Resources for the beginning of the year:

Office Hours: CDE and Amplify are pleased to introduce another support for ELAT schools.  Office Hours are designed to be short instructional webinars on specific topics.  We invite you to join!  CDE will send an email to all program contacts prior to the event with details on joining.

Introduction to Pathways of Progress: Sept. 20, 2018

Using Pathways of Progress after Middle of Year: Jan. 10, 2019

Monitoring Pathways of Progress Growth Flowchart

Benchmark Windows

2019-20 Benchmark Windows

BOY – 1st 30/60 days of school
Kindergarten consideration: Through a provision in HB15-1323 you may choose to use up to 60 calendar days for initial benchmarking. However, we would encourage districts to continue with best practice by benchmarking and providing support within the first 30 days. Completion of your READ BOY assessment within the 60 calendar days will inform the literacy component of your readiness assessment.

MOY – Either December 2nd – 20th OR January 6th – 24th
(**Please note your dates need to be prior to the Holiday break OR after the Holiday break.)

EOY – April 27th – May 15th
In March, we will be sending out a registration form for you to set your windows with Amplify.

DIBELS Next and IDEL Resources

DIBELS Next Resources

IDEL Resources

mCLASS:IDEL Training Video – This is a recorded webinar from a live training presented in August 2018.  The audience for this training is teachers administering IDEL to students (and would need to be fluent Spanish speakers).

DIBELS Deep Resources

1. Log in to and click the ‘Notices’ icon.

2. Locate the notice for Colorado DIBELS Deep Training Modules.

Teacher Reports and Student-Level Data

ELAT Virtual Learning: Teacher Reports

Make sure you know how to access the rich data on the teacher facing side of mCLASS. We will review which reports are available, how to navigate through the reports, what data is available after BOY and what questions can be answered through these reports. Segments are short in length and designed with the teacher and interventionist in mind.

  1. Which reports are available to teachers in mCLASS? : 12:00 minutes in length
  2. How to effectively navigate through teacher reports: 9:00 minutes in length
  3. What data is available through teacher reports?: 6:30 minutes in length
  4. What question do the teacher reports answer?: 22:32 minutes in length
  5. Small-Group Advisor: 16:46 minutes in length
  6. Item-Level Advisor: 8:55 minutes in length

Reports for Instructional Leaders

Amplify Instructional Leader Resources

  1. Data Decision Making at BOY, MOY
  2. DIBELS Deep for Instructional Leaders
  3. Progress Monitoring for Instructional Leaders
  4. New to ELAT?
    1. Resources for Year 1 Instructional Leaders: Learn how to set your school up for success in year one of the Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project.
    2. Recorded Webinar :
  5. Introduction to the Reporting and Analysis Suite: A review of the basic reports in the reporting and analysis suite on mCLASS. Learn how to navigate aggregate reports that are available to user with system level access.
  6. Resources for Year 1 Instructional Leaders

Progress Monitoring

ELAT Progress Monitoring Guidance

  • Students scoring in the Well Below Benchmark Range: every 7-10 days
  • Students scoring in the Below Benchmark Range: every 10-12 days

ELAT Virtual Learning: Progress Monitoring

Effective Progress Monitoring for Teachers

Class objectives include:

  • How to decide what measure to progress monitor beyond what is recommended by the tool
  • How to know if an intervention is working and considerations when changes need to be made
  • How do progress monitoring and DIBELS Deep works together

Module 1: Introduction to Progress Monitoring – 6:55 minutes

Module 2: Case Studies: Owen and Abashani – 18:00 minutes

Module 3: Case Study: Sally – 13:05 minutes

Module 4: Progress Monitoring and DIBELS Deep – 9:04 minutes