Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition

A supplemental K-2 program that students can’t wait to play every day

An immersive reading adventure.

Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition is a new digital curriculum that teaches literacy skills through a captivating game world. Our adaptive, research-based program immerses students in language, decoding, and comprehension and differentiates instruction based on progress.

An imaginative game world that gives students agency over their progress and excites them about developing their reading skills.

More than 40 games covering the five big ideas of early literacy, each game mapped to specific skills and standards.

A new approach to comprehension based on a growing body of research about microcomprehension.

An integrated eReader with more than 25 fiction and nonfiction texts, allowing students to apply learned reading skills to an authentic text.

An adaptive algorithm that guides each student along a personalized learning path.

A teacher dashboard with on-demand class usage data indicating each student’s time spent on task, skill progress, and current areas of focus.

  • “It is easy to use by students independently. They are engaged while learning through fun, creative games.”

    —Kindergarten Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

  • “The students like the game format, including the motivation for them to keep going to higher levels.”

    —2nd Grade Teacher, Washington DC

  • “[Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition] is keeping the kids interested while they are practicing their reading skills.”

    —2nd Grade Teacher, East Haven, CT

Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition has student engagement coded into its DNA. For teachers, it’s a research-based, standards-aligned program that that complements your core ELA curriculum by building foundational reading skills—language, decoding, comprehension—along an adaptive pathway of increasingly complex texts. For students, it’s a journey into a captivating world in which they set out on a series of fun “quests” with their very own Curioso, a companion creature whose powers expand as they grow into ever-more confident readers.

Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition works on Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, desktops, and even smartphones. The program continually analyzes student progress for teachers and maintains an individualized learning path for each learner. No teacher planning is required. And, it’s 100% digital—not a single worksheet for teachers to print or score. Finally, teachers don’t have to create leaderboards or other extrinsic reward systems to get students to use Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition—the hard part is getting them to stop!

A growing body of research has found that strong readers use a specific set of skills to build mental models of texts as they read. For example, they quickly connect pronouns to the right characters and actively monitor whether their mental model still makes sense in light of new information. The use of these skills while reading is a crucial process that leading researchers now call microcomprehension, and it is a critical precursor to performing macrocomprehension tasks like finding the main idea and predicting. Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition’s approach begins with microcomprehension to give students the right tools for successfully understanding any text.

Download our white paper: Microcomprehension in Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition

Many students struggle with traditional synthetic phonics, especially when learning vowels, because of how inconsistent their spelling-sound correlations are. With Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition, students learn strategies to decode larger, more consistent chunks of words while learning the individual sounds that make them up—starting with the words they’re most likely to come across in text in school.

Download our white paper: Foundational skills instruction in Amplify Reading: K-2 Edition