Amplify Science
Elementary School

A new NGSS-designed core curriculum for grades K-5

Bring real-world science concepts to life.

Amplify Science blends digital experiences with hands-on lessons that inspire students to think like scientists and engineers to solve real-world problems. Our effective and engaging curriculum was developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science.

  • Lessons that address 100 percent of the NGSS as well as a significant portion of the CCSS for both ELA and math.
  • Digital simulations that allow students to visualize scientific phenomena like never before.
  • Kits and manipulatives that emphasize the importance of hands-on science in the 21st-century classroom.
  • Age-appropriate student books that expose students to science in the real world.
  • Formative assessments that empower teachers with actionable data and insight into each student’s progress.
  • Embedded supports that equip teachers with strategies to adapt lessons to fit their needs.


Each unit is field-tested by teachers in schools of varying demographics across the country. These teachers provide feedback on our content, pedagogy and technology, driving the creation of lessons that are proven to be effective and engaging.

Embedded support

Teachers are fully supported throughout each unit with background knowledge on the subject of study, pedagogical rationale for activities, and more.

Multimodal approach

Multimodal instruction ensures students “do, talk, read, write and visualize.” They learn to actively engage with science books, build visual models of their understanding of scientific phenomena, use digital simulations to collect evidence and share their ideas with their classmates.

Amplify Science Elementary School course structure

Amplify Science is available as both a full-year course or broken up as individual, standalone units. Each full-year course was designed to address 100 percent of the NGSS, and comprises Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science and Engineering Design.

Grade K

  • Needs of Plants and Animals
  • Pushes and Pulls
  • Sunlight and Weather

Grade 3

  • Balancing Forces
  • Inheritance and Traits
  • Environments and Survival
  • Weather and Climate

Grade 1

  • Animal and Plant Defenses
  • Light and Sound
  • Spinning Earth

Grade 4

  • Energy Conversions
  • Vision and Light
  • Earth’s Features
  • Waves, Energy, and Information

Grade 2

  • Plant and Animal Relationships
  • Properties of Materials
  • Changing Landforms

Grade 5

  • Patterns of Earth and Sky
  • Modeling Matter
  • The Earth System
  • Ecosystem Restoration

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