Amplify Science
Middle School

A new NGSS-designed core curriculum for grades 6-8

Challenge students to think like real scientists and engineers.

Developed in partnership with the Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify Science motivates students to apply scientific practices to solve real-world problems, and to master the NGSS.

  • Lessons that address 100 percent of the NGSS as well as a significant portion of ELA and Math CCSS.
  • Digital simulations in each unit that allow students to visualize scientific phenomena like never before.
  • Kits and manipulatives that emphasize the importance of hands-on science in the 21st-century classroom.
  • Engaging media in each unit that draw students into the authentic problem-solving context and narrative.
  • Scientific articles that help students develop the disciplinary literacy skills necessary to read and write like scientists.
  • Formative assessments that empower teachers with actionable data and insight into each student’s progress.
  • Embedded supports that equip teachers with strategies to adapt lessons to fit their needs.

Built for the NGSS

Our full-year curriculum integrates the strategies, tools and assessments students need to develop the deep scientific understanding required by the NGSS. In fact, it was built from the ground up to address 100 percent of the standards and a substantial portion of the CCSS for ELA and math.

Field-tested units

Each unit is field-tested by teachers in a broad range of demographically diverse settings across the country. These teachers provide feedback on our content, pedagogy and technology, driving the creation of lessons that are proven to be effective and engaging.

Immersive experiences

Students make the leap from “learning about” to “figuring out” scientific concepts by exploring them in-depth. With digital simulations and other cutting-edge technology, students conduct investigations, create and critique models, and gather evidence to support claims.

Multimodal approach

Multimodal instruction ensures students learn to do close readings of scientific texts, build visual models of their understanding of scientific phenomena, use digital simulations to collect evidence and craft oral scientific arguments based on observational data.

Amplify Science Middle School course structure

The scope and sequence of our middle school program are designed to show that scientific concepts are interconnected and multifaceted. While each unit focuses on a specific learning goal with key milestones, it is based on a series of questions that challenges students to consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.

We support both Integrated and Domain Models of science instruction, available as a full-year course or individual, standalone units. Each full-year course was designed to address 100 percent of the NGSS, comprising Life, Earth and Space, and Physical Science, as well as Engineering. The program is modular and customizable to fit your specific needs.

Grade 6

  • Launch: Microbiome
  • Metabolism
  • Engineering Internship: Metabolism
  • Traits and Reproduction
  • Thermal Energy
  • Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate
  • Weather Patterns
  • Earth’s Changing Climate
  • Engineering Internship: Earth’s Changing Climate

Grade 7

  • Launch: Geology on Mars
  • Plate Motion
  • Engineering Internship: Plate Motion
  • Rock Transformations
  • Phase Change
  • Engineering Internship: Phase Change
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Populations and Resources
  • Matter and Energy in Ecosystems

Grade 8

  • Launch: Harnessing Human Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Engineering Internship: Force and Motion
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Light Waves
  • Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Natural Selection
  • Engineering Internship: Natural Selection
  • Evolutionary History

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