Core Knowledge Language Arts®

A comprehensive reading and language arts program with print and digital materials for PreK–5

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CKLA is different from typical reading programs. Only CKLA reflects what expert educators, cognitive scientists and the authors of the Common Core State Standards already know: background knowledge and foundational skills are the keys to early literacy.

How it works

CKLA instills both background knowledge and foundational skills through two instructional strands for grades K–3 that integrate into a single strand in grades 4–5. Using both print and digital resources, CKLA provides:

  • Carefully sequenced background knowledge in social studies, science, literature and the arts to build vocabulary and comprehension.
  • An unprecedented, thorough approach to developing decoding and other critical foundational skills.

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Listening & Learning strand

Building students’ knowledge and vocabulary while they are still learning to read is crucial for long-term success. At the heart of this strand are authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that teachers read aloud. These texts are grouped in knowledge domains that create interactive opportunities to question, discuss and share ideas centered on text. This strand ensures students are well prepared when they transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Skills strand

Teach reading and writing in tandem. These lessons support reading and foundational skills through daily instruction in phonemic awareness, spelling patterns, decoding with engaging decodable texts, writing mechanics and writing structure and processes. The Skills Strand fully accords with the findings of the National Reading Panel and the Reading Foundational Skills section of the Common Core State Standards.


In a three-year pilot study at 20 elementary schools in New York City with a diverse population of children, students using CKLA had significantly larger gains than students in similar schools.

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September 22nd trivia answer

Mount Rushmore displays the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Kindergarteners learn about Mt. Rushmore in Domain 12: Presidents and American Symbols.

September 23rd trivia answer

The four phases of the moon are: new, crescent, half, and full. First graders explore astronomy in Domain 6: Astronomy.

September 24th trivia answer

The sphinx asked Oedipus: “What is it that walks on four feet in the morning, on two feet at noon, and on three feet in the evening?” Oedipus answered, “Man.” Second graders discuss Oedipus’s adventure—and his answer to the riddle—in Domain 4: Greek Myths.

September 25th trivia answer

The asteroid belt lies between Mars and Jupiter. Third graders explore the stars in Domain 7: Astronomy: Our Solar System and Beyond.