Core Knowledge Language Arts®

A comprehensive reading and language arts curriculum for PreK–5

With knowledge at the center, the possibilities are endless.

With a fundamentally different approach to language arts, CKLA sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills.

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Designed to build a base of content knowledge

CKLA connects engaging topics within and across grades, building knowledge and connected vocabulary for deep comprehension:

  • Knowledge domains build on prior learning.
  • Repeated exposure and reinforcement.
  • Coherent vertical and horizontal design.

Brings content to life, sparks passion

CKLA combines engaging and increasingly complex informational and literary texts, with a focus on expanding knowledge across all content areas:

  • Rich texts across science, social studies, literature, and the arts.
  • Close reading, writing, and text-based discussions grounded in relevant content that supports knowledge building.

Knowledge strand

Building students’ knowledge and vocabulary while they are still learning to read is crucial for long-term success. At the heart of this strand are authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that teachers read aloud. These texts are grouped in knowledge domains that create interactive opportunities to question, discuss and share ideas centered on text. This strand ensures students are well prepared when they transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Skills strand

Teach reading and writing in tandem. These lessons support reading and foundational skills through daily instruction in phonemic awareness, spelling patterns, decoding with engaging decodable texts, writing mechanics and writing structure and processes. The Skills Strand fully accords with the findings of the National Reading Panel and the Reading Foundational Skills section of the Common Core State Standards.


Blending print and digital materials, CKLA ensures teachers have resources at their fingertips to help plan and deliver instruction. Hands-on training on the program’s unique pedagogy and unlimited technical and instructional support accompany every implementation. Each classroom kit accommodates differentiated reading and writing instruction with components for 25 students.

Print materials

  • Content-rich read-alouds that support text-based discussion in Knowledge Strand Teacher Guides
  • Step-by-step lessons in foundational skills, including explicit instruction in decoding, in Skills Strand Teacher Guides
  • Integrated English Language Development and Universal Access supports in all lessons.
  • Engaging chapter books that build in complexity and provide direct practice with the code in decodable student Readers.
  • Formal and informal assessments that provide clear instructional practice and tie directly to lessons in student Activity Books.
  • Consistent practice in decoding and encoding with Skills ancillaries including sound-spelling cards, letter cards, chaining folders, large-format readers, and other hands-on tools.

Digital materials

  • Step-by-step lesson plans and online materials for additional support in differentiated instruction.
  • Hands-on virtual training through online professional development modules for teachers and staff
  • Adventure-based learning projects - called Quests - that combine close reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Comprehension and foundational skills support with extra lessons and activities in the Assessment and Remediation Guide
  • Projectable interactive media files to enhance lessons including flip books, digital components, image card sets, code sheets, and videos.

Proven results

In a three-year pilot study at 20 elementary schools in New York City with a diverse population of children, students using CKLA had significantly larger gains than students in similar schools.

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Language Studio, CKLA's ELD companion for English Language Learners

Built on CKLA’s knowledge domains, Language Studio offers effective strategies and daily instruction to help English Language Learners access core content. Through WIDA- and ELPA21-aligned scaffolds, English Language Learners are provided with targeted support in building academic English.

Language Studio for K-2 is available now for implementation in CKLA classrooms.

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More depth, more practice, more challenge in writing

Writing Studio, a writing companion to CKLA, offers focused lessons in the three key text types – informative, narrative, and opinion. Authentic writing opportunities expand students’ range to help students become confident writers as they engage with rich texts and content knowledge.

Writing Studio for K-5 is available now for implementation in CKLA 2nd Edition classrooms.

Simplify planning, enhance instruction with CKLA Hybrid

With CKLA Hybrid, teachers can seamlessly navigate instruction using interactive digital Teacher Guides. Teachers can save annotations, jump to any part of a lesson, display images, and open student materials and standards at point of use.

CKLA Hybrid for K-5 is available now for implementation in CKLA 2nd Edition classrooms.

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Why knowledge-based learning improves reading comprehension

It’s not enough for young readers to know how to decode words on a page. Knowledge building is essential to improving literacy. Read our guide to find out how this approach is making a difference in reading comprehension, and the best ways to implement it in your classroom.

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Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts, 2nd Edition, Given Tier 1 Rating in Louisiana

Louisiana rated Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (Amplify CKLA) as Tier 1, the top rating in the state! Amplify CKLA is the only K–5 Tier 1 ELA program in Louisiana that includes foundational skills.

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