Amplify Games

A suite of ELA, math and science games for grades 6-8

Extend learning beyond the classroom.

Captivate students with rich and vivid educational games that will keep them motivated to learn long after the school day ends. Our games help strengthen skills in ELA, math and science.

Our approach

We are breaking the “educational game” mold by matching the entertainment and production value of commercial games to create games that students will freely choose to play. We partner with some of the world’s top game designers to create educational games that are as enthralling as commercial games. Game designers focus on creating immersive experiences, while we ensure that the content is accurate and meaningful.

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Learning from mistakes

We make games fun to play, not just fun to win, and help students realize that mistakes are opportunities for discovery and improvement.

Sharing experiences

We provide a secure, virtual community that is customized based on district settings, where players can share experiences, ideas, fan fiction and more.

Student support

  • Student forums, which are secure and customized based on district settings
  • Students can problem-solve together, share creative works, and establish groups around particular topics of interest.

Teacher support

  • Teacher forums
  • Optional teacher reports, which feature gameplay, reading and comprehension results for each student