Amplify Supplementals

Immersive, story-driven programs that teach essential skills

Digital programs that focus on the most essential concepts in math and ELA

Not all learning is created equal. Some areas are so critical that if students don’t understand them well, they have trouble succeeding in high school, college, and beyond.

Designed for grades 5-8, Amplify Close Reading is an interactive graphic novel that teaches close reading skills in a creative, differentiated, and highly rigorous way.

In the context of an exciting dystopian adventure, students learn to analyze complex texts, focusing on key close reading skills such as responding to text-dependent questions and unpacking the ways authors persuade and convey meaning.

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Amplify Fractions is a digital math program that offers a new, highly engaging approach to learning fractions through a blend of adaptive learning and interactive storytelling. Through playful quirky storylines, fractions are taught with purpose, real-world context and humor, with lessons that adapt to individual student need. Personalized feedback via a digital tutor, along with unlimited practice opportunities, are included to ensure students are set up for math success.

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Amplify Vocabulary is a digital supplemental program designed to help all students in grades 4–8 master essential academic and Tier II vocabulary. Students encounter words on multiple occasions through a series of engaging digital activities and must show a clear understanding of a word and its usage in order to demonstrate mastery. Differentiated streams for below- and above-grade level readers are included and adapt based on student performance.

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