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NCTM 2019

Learn about Amplify at NCTM! We have several great sessions about fractions, and swing by our booth to learn more about our programs.

San Diego, CA April 03 - April 06 NCTM 2019

Visit us in Booth #625.

  • April 04
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Room 32A

    When adaptive learning meets interactive  storytelling, students conquer FRACTIONS!

    See how to finally close the fractions gap with Amplify Fractions!  Quirky stories provide instruction with purpose and humor, adapting to individual student need via a patented digital tutor.  With unlimited practice, teachers confirm it: Amplify Fractions keeps students “super-engaged” and takes their fractions understanding to the next level!

Featured Speaker

Zach Wissner-Gross Zachary Wissner-Gross is a Product Lead at Amplify Education, where he oversaw development of Amplify Fractions, an adaptive, story-driven approach to mathematical instruction. Zach previously co-founded School Yourself, an online learning platform used by hundreds of thousands of students around the world. With School Yourself, he launched the first two adaptive massive open online courses (AlgebraX and GeometryX) and authored three interactive textbooks in high school and college mathematics. He completed his undergraduate education in Physics and Biology at MIT, and went on to earn his doctorate in Physics from Harvard University, where he was a Hertz Fellow and received the White Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Learn about our programs at NCTM!

Amplify Fractions


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