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South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA)

We look forward to seeing you at  2019 SCASA Innovative Ideas Institute. 

Visit Amplify at Booth #9

What should you expect to experience?


  • Formative assessments for reading and math with Amplify’s mCLASS suite
  • mCLASS:DIBELS Next and mCLASS:Early Literacy Measures provide a screener that covers all of the critical skills for assessing the risk of dyslexia
  • Amplify Reading, and adaptive literacy program powered by your mCLASS data.
Myrtle Beach, SC June 16 - June 19

Click on the date below for information on our Lunch and Learn session presented by Debbie Owens.

Featured Speaker

Debbie Owes

  • June 18
    12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

    Somerset Room

    Win A Free Account To AMPLIFY Reading K-8. Amplify Reading A digital supplemental reading program for grades K-8 that students can’t wait to play every day—and helps get off-the-charts growth. Based on the latest research, this new program uses captivating storylines to engage students in powerful individualized reading instruction and practice. Skills transfer to the real world–it’s not a worksheet on a screen. Whether students are just learning to read or mastering close reading, Amplify Reading accelerates reading growth for every student. Students work on the right skill at the right time. Amplify Reading has student engagement coded into its DNA. Powerful storytelling is at the heart of the program, whether in a magical game world or a dystopian universe. Students complain when they have to stop. A deep partnership with the premier experts in the field. Amplify Reading incorporates the latest reading research around how kids learn to read and master comprehension. Skills actually transfer from the program to the real world thanks to our innovative eReader that allows students to practice in connected and authentic texts. See Tech & Learning Amplify Reading review.

Amplify Reading


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