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Spring CUE 2019

For three days in March, Spring CUE will be the epicenter of educational excellence and innovation! Spring CUE has been the go-to event for educational innovation for almost 40 years. Come and see what the buzz is about, find your people, be inspired, and raise your game as an educator in the beautiful surroundings of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs, CA March 14 - March 16 Spring CUE 2019

Visit us in booth 322.

Session descriptions and logistics

  • March 15
    8:30 am

    Room Mesquite H

    Designing an Energy Bar: Engineering in Middle School Science

      Experience a unit of instruction in which students take on the role of a food engineer and design a health bar for rescue workers and the victims of a natural disaster. In response to a “formal” RFP, students will utilize a digital simulation and the iterative design process to meet all criteria in the RFP, and submit a successful proposal.   Presented by Francis Ogata

    10:00 am

    Room Mesquite H

    Leverage the latest in personalized, digital learning to supercharge reading growth

    Teachers see it all the time: reading levels all over the map and disengaged students just “tapping through” the latest and greatest solution. See what happens when you combine the latest reading research with the best-in-class, personalized, game design. (Hint: Students are so engaged, they don’t even realize they’re learning.)   Presented by Cecelia Cortes

Featured Speaker

Francis Ogata Francis Ogata is a Sacramento native, STEM educator, coach, trainer, and presenter at dozens of conferences and symposiums. After earning his K–8 California Professional Clear Teaching Credential in 1991, he taught grades 1, 3, and 5 before taking over as K–12 Curriculum Lead Teacher for Math, Science, and Technology in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, He garnered many awards in that time, including the 1996–97 Parent Teacher Association Outstanding Teacher Award; District Teacher of the Year and West Region Curriculum Specialist of the Year several times over. Francis is a lifelong member in many teaching association and STEM councils, has an extensive background in service and professional development, and participates in extensive continuing education —he is a certified trainer in many software programs and was a trainer in several Sacramento County Office of Education math and algebra programs.

Featured Speaker

Cecelia Cortes Cecelia helps lead Amplify’s supplemental programs, partnering with schools, districts and Amplify’s product developers to create and implement programs that save teachers time and extend their reach in the classroom. She spends much of her time in schools and classrooms, both helping to build programs with Amplify and volunteer teaching.

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