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Make language arts an adventure.

Enter The World of Lexica™ for an immersive 3-D experience researched and designed to strengthen grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing with embedded ELA games that inspire students to play in their free time.

The World of Lexica™

There are two seasons of The World of Lexica—Lexica: Unbound and Lexica: The Seeker. In both seasons, players explore a vast game world, which includes a virtual library, through new activities that arrive over the course of the school year. Voluntary reading is a central element of the experience. We included an English/Spanish toggle in Lexica: Unbound to help ELL students. The World of Lexica motivates students to read books independently, as well as play embedded ELA games.

Learning objectives:

  • Bolster specific skills related to reading, such as spelling, syntax, and vocabulary.
  • Increase the amount of time students spend reading challenging material outside the classroom.
  • Develop stronger reading behaviors and habits.
  • Build stronger writing skills, including revising, editing and critiquing.

Offering more than 600 books, our digital library enables students to browse and discover a variety of classic and contemporary books and authors.

Students can read the books on their devices even when they don’t have an Internet connection, and can add their own notes, highlights and bookmarks to personalize their reading experience.


Using assets from the World of Lexica, players can create interactive stories using writing supports that help them develop plot, dialogue and character. They can share what they create with their classmates.

Learning objective:

  • Develop planning, authoring, revising and critiquing skills for narrative writing.

Ink Blott Underground

Players dig through a series of caves and bring their world back to life by using morphemes to fix broken words and sentences.

Learning objectives

  • Gain exposure to Greek and Latin roots to foster a deeper understanding of words.

The Tomes

This create-your-own-adventure series focuses on vocabulary and features characters from classic literature. We included an English/Spanish toggle to help ELL students.

Learning objective:

  • Build vocabulary by using context clues to identify words.

Story Cards

This multiplayer collectible card game features authors and characters from books in our virtual library. Players complete reading comprehension questions to collect more cards.

Learning objective:

  • Motivate students to read more and improve comprehension.

Twisted Manor

Players are brought to a warped house that was overtaken by an evil trickster. Only they can save their captive family by solving vocabulary-based puzzles and obstacles as they explore the mysteries within.

Learning objective:

  • Build vocabulary through context clues and solving puzzles.


Words are players’ weapons as they battle zombies, goblins and other unsavory creatures. Journey through whimsical environments collecting cool gear and delivering taunts using the words you spell.

Learning objective:

  • Practice spelling and expand vocabulary through exposure to words in context.

Mukashi Mukashi

In this arcade-style game, players create their own versions of traditional Japanese folktales, building syntax skills along the way.

Learning objective:

  • Build knowledge of semantics, syntax and vocabulary.

Sentence Sensibility

Players experiment with complex sentence structures by unscrambling sentences from literature or making as many sentences as possible to beat the clock.

Learning objective:

  • Build mastery of syntax, parts of speech and semantics.

Shelf Life

In this action puzzle game, players help characters Felipe and Annie overcome obstacles by using close reading and vocabulary.

Learning objective:

  • Build vocabulary and improve reading comprehension skills.

W.E.L.D.E.R. Edu

Players practice spelling and vocabulary as they attempt to form words by reordering letters on the game board.

Learning objective:

  • Improve spelling and vocabulary.

Page Invaders

In this fast-paced syntax game, players form ever-more complicated sentences to defend themselves against the invading worms.

Learning objective:

  • Improve grammar skills.

Spell Tracer

In this puzzle game, players use prefixes and suffixes to form words while avoiding associated spelling errors (such as “er” vs. “ar”).

Learning objective:

  • Improve spelling and practice vocabulary by forming words with specific sequences of letters or morphemes.


This game features a series of quick challenges that focus on spelling, confusing homophones and irregular verb conjugation.

Learning objective:

  • Improve spelling and grammar usage and overcome homophone confusion.


In this syntax game set on an archaeological dig, players match bones containing subjects and predicates to form complete sentences.

Learning objective:

  • Build mastery of subject/verb agreement

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