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Amplify Fractions efficacy study

In 2019, Amplify conducted a study of learning growth for students across the country using Amplify Fractions based on a pre-post analysis. The study was designed as a test of the product’s theory of action—that is, that students using Amplify Fractions should substantially improve their fractions knowledge.


Students using Amplify Fractions were administered pre- and posttests to assess their growth in fractions knowledge. Results of these tests were analyzed to address the following research questions:

  • What are the psychometric properties of the pre- and posttest forms?
  • To what extent did Amplify Fractions users demonstrate growth in fractions knowledge?
  • Was increased usage associated with more fractions knowledge growth?
  • Was fractions knowledge growth explainable by the simple passage of time rather than usage?

These questions focus on whether students demonstrated growth, and whether that growth was reasonably attributable to using Amplify Fractions.

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