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Amplify Reading webinars

How can CKLA and mCLASS users integrate Amplify Reading in order to supercharge student success? Find out in these two webinars presented by the experts behind Amplify Reading! Learn more and register below!


1. Supercharge your Amplify CKLA curriculum with Amplify Reading: Tuesday, March 26, 4 p.m.

Hear from the program experts about how Amplify Reading’s flexible, student-driven structure can be used in a number of ways to enhance Amplify CKLA’s core instruction and provide a personalized experience—from reinforcing a unit’s key skills, to adding personalized instruction and practice, to providing academic enrichment.

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2. Leverage your mCLASS data to power students’ reading growth with Amplify Reading: Thursday, March 28, 4 p.m. EDT

Hear from the program experts about how Amplify Reading’s adaptive, research-based program immerses your class in language, decoding, and comprehension, differentiating instruction based on progress. And that differentiation is powered by mCLASS right from the start. No additional assessment is required.

Register here

About Amplify Reading:

Amplify Reading is a personalized reading program that students can’t wait to play. Whether they are just learning to read or mastering close reading, Amplify Reading helps achieve off-the-charts reading growth in grades K–8. Through compelling storytelling and the latest research, Amplify Reading helps students achieve true mastery of the concepts they need to become strong, lifelong readers. Students receive instruction and practice in the key concepts they need to master, and teachers can be certain students are always on the right track for their skill level and maturity. The program’s patented algorithm places students in the right skill game at the right time, while embedding them in an engaging story world that fits their developmental stage. Students often complain when told to stop!

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