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mCLASS® early literacy webinar series

Amplify hosted a webinar series on the new mCLASS early literacy suite in April and May. Hear from a set of industry experts discussing challenges in the classroom and exploring how mCLASS can drive literacy success for all of your students. Learn more information about the webinars and watch the recordings below!


All your kids can read and succeed: How mCLASS addresses dyslexia

Presented by: Emily Lutrick, Dyslexia Coordinator at Allen Independent School District (Texas) and Amplify advisor

Explore dyslexia legislation across states while discovering how mCLASS can be used to screen for dyslexia, identify students who may be at risk of developing learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and meet state-specific screening needs, all in one tool.

Up close and personal: The power of teacher observation

Presented by: Emily Lutrick, Dyslexia Coordinator at Allen Independent School District (Texas) and Amplify advisor

In the digital age, one-on-one time with students is more important than ever—but so is teacher time management. Learn how mCLASS’s blended assessment approach frees up teachers to efficiently observe and assess the students who need more support, while letting others test online when developmentally appropriate.

The new mCLASS: One-stop reading success

Presented by: Emily Lutrick, Dyslexia Coordinator at Allen Independent School District (Texas) and Amplify advisor

The new mCLASS features comprehensive universal and dyslexia screening for at-risk students, as well as the latest version of DIBELS®, providing the ideal connection between assessment and personalized instruction. Learn why mCLASS is the tool educators need in 2019 to drive literacy success for every one of their students.

mCLASS with DIBELS 8th Edition

Presented by: Gina Biancarosa, Associate Professor; Ann Swindells, Chair in Education at the University of Oregon; and Krista Curran, SVP and General Manager of Assessment and Intervention at Amplify

What’s new in DIBELS 8th Edition and how does it integrate with the new mCLASS? Hear Gina Biancarosa and Ann Swindells—the developers behind DIBELS 8th Edition—speak about the exciting and innovative new features in the updated assessment, and Krista Curran discuss the new mCLASS in-depth, covering the many new upgrades to the platform and what to expect for the 2019–2020 school year.

About mCLASS:

Every student is an individual. Based on over 30 years of research, mCLASS is the gold-standard assessment and instructional suite for early literacy that helps every child learn to read confidently. mCLASS lets you know exactly which aspect of a skill a student is struggling with, and then gives you effective lesson plans for each student powered by reliable diagnostic data based on one-minute measures. mCLASS offers universal and dyslexia screening in a single powerful tool—no additional assessment system required. With mCLASS, your most vulnerable readers are identified at the earliest possible levels.

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