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Open new worlds of exploration for your students with digital simulations

Every day, scientists and engineers use digital simulations to explore scientific phenomena that might be too small, large, slow, distant, dangerous, or difficult to manipulate directly.


In Amplify Science, students do, too. Developed specifically for Amplify Science, digital simulations, or “sims,” are interactive, virtual worlds that allow students to discover and construct understanding of science concepts and phenomena. Amplify Science includes one digital simulation for every unit in grades 3–8.

From observing the movement of light and discovering how light allows predators to see their prey in grade 4, to using the BabyWarmer Design Tool to test various portable baby incubator designs in grade 7, students expand their horizons every day with simulations in Amplify Science.

This technology provides students with the opportunity to explore and investigate phenomena, observe and identify relationships, model processes, make predictions, gather evidence, and apply their understanding of science concepts.

Watch one of our simulations in action:

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