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The missing link in reading comprehension

Kick off the school year with a different approach to reading comprehension! At Amplify, we’re exploring the importance of comprehension micro-skills and the critical role they play in overall reading comprehension. Dive into our whitepaper, Microcomprehension in Amplify Reading, to read more about our research on the topic and learn concrete activities you can practice in your classroom that yield real improvements in comprehension.


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Our middle school ELA pedagogical approach

Middle schoolers: they’re a tough crowd. But reaching them and teaching them is critical—and rewarding. That’s why we designed every Amplify ELA lesson to help teachers teach the essential skills of reading, writing, spe...

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Open new worlds of exploration for your students with digital simulations

Every day, scientists and engineers use digital simulations to explore scientific phenomena that might be too small, large, slow, distant, dangerous, or difficult to manipulate directly.

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