New Mexico Formative Assessment System

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DIBELS Next Benchmark Dates for the 2015-2016 School Year:

  • Beginning of Year (BOY): Within first 15 days of instruction
  • Middle of Year (MOY): January 11-29, 2016
  • End of Year (EOY): April 25-May 13, 2016

Which assessments are required during a Benchmark Window?

  • DIBELS Next Benchmark measure for each grade (K-3)
  • Burst Vocabulary

Upcoming Professional Development

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What's New in DIBELS Next for 2015-2016

New Classroom Progress Monitoring Report

Amplify has released a new report which shows the current progress monitoring status for all the students in a selected class or group. An overview and directions on how to access the report can be found by clicking here.

Pathways of Progress Overlay for PM Graphs

To complement the Pathways of Progress goal setting tool, an overlay to the progress monitoring graphs is now available. This view maps progress toward the teacher-set goal against the different possible pathways for that student. You can toggle between this view and the traditional view of the aimline and benchmark goals using a button on the chart. An overview and directions on how to access the report can be found by clicking here.

Pathways of Progress

Pathways of Progress is a new feature available in mCLASS®:DIBELS Next®. It's a powerful, research-based, and easy-to-use tool for establishing individual goals and evaluating progress at an individual student level. With Pathways of Progress, educators can tell when each student's rate of progress is well below typical, below typical, typical, above typical, and well above typical. For additional information, see the DIBELS Next online help or Amplify's training site (requires Amplify login), or visit the Pathways of Progress page at


Beginning in fall of 2015, educators are able to see each student's Lexile score next to the DIBELS Next Composite Score on the Classroom Summary Overview page. The Lexile column can be toggled on and off by clicking the Lexile button on the top right of the page.

Additional information from the New Mexico Public Education Department on the Lexile Framework can be found here. Amplify also provides further information on mClass DIBELS Next and Lexile scores.

Custom Demographics

All districts may now add custom demographics to track subcategories of student demographics. In January, Amplify will add a K-3 Plus identifier as a custom demographic for all New Mexico schools. Once the demographic is available, schools will receive additional guidance and directions on populating the K-3 Plus identifier.

Retained Students

Historically, teachers could not view previous and current year results for retained students on the Student Summary page. Starting in fall 2015, teachers will be able to view previous year and current year scores (side-by-side) for retained students. Schools will no longer need to contact Amplify Customer Services to have their retained students' previous year data soft-deleted from the Web reports.