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Language Studio, an English Learners companion to Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts® curriculum, recognized by WIDA Prime V2

Brooklyn, NY. October 31, 2016 – Amplify announced that Language Studio, a leading K–2 English Language Development program, is recognized by WIDA Prime as satisfying all criteria for a WIDA Prime V2 correlation.

Language Studio is a supplemental companion program to Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) elementary reading curriculum that is currently being used in thousands of schools across the country.

Language Studio was created to reflect the importance of deep, sustained development of background knowledge and connected vocabulary for English learners. The program provides thirty minutes of daily English Language Development instruction that can be delivered flexibly by primary classroom teachers and dedicated ESL teachers. Pulling from research-based principles to build academic language, Language Studio supports English Learners by differentiating instruction across five English proficiency levels.

WIDA is a consortium of more than 30 states dedicated to advancing academic language development and achievement of English Learners. The WIDA PRIME V2 correlation tool allows educators to make informed decisions on instructional materials by determining whether they meet WIDA Standards. The standards include scaffolding supports for students, linguistically and developmentally appropriate grade-level content, and opportunities for higher order thinking skills. Language Studio’s review indicates that it meets each and every one of the standards.

“At Amplify, we are committed to providing groundbreaking literacy and language offerings built on evidence. Language Studio is a unique approach that focuses on teaching language skills through content based instruction. We are pleased that the quality of our work is reflected in the WIDA Prime V2 correlation,” said Larry Berger, Amplify’s Chief Executive Officer.

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