North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment for Reading

Welcome to the NC Diagnostic Assessment for Reading Web page! This website provides resources, guidance, and updates to support your schools and staff in implementing the Diagnostic Assessment program and mCLASS:Reading 3D.

Reading 3D is available for your 4th grade transitional students. Feel free to contact any of the assessment contacts listed in Contact us directly with questions or suggestions.

2016 Reading Camp Guide

Amplify has compiled a list of action items and best practices for the district administrators and teachers who will set up and conduct your 2016 Reading Camps.

Download the guide here.

Written Response to Text Questions for 2015-2016 (Written Comprehension Questions)

To find the new Written Response to Text Questions, log in to the Amplify Home Support and Resource Center, go to Product Support and Resources, and click the link titled mCLASS:Reading 3D Assessment Materials (North Carolina Rigby Ultra Customers). The new version is posted here.