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Turn every student into a close-reading powerhouse.

Introducing Amplify Reading: 6–8 Edition—a graphic novel adventure that teaches students to read with curiosity, skepticism, and an appreciation for craftsmanship.

Tackling standards

Finally, there’s a program that focuses on the close reading skills covered by standards in grades 6–8. Our innovative program puts students at the center and inspires them to achieve true mastery.

What educators say

“My students love the program, and they don't even realize they are learning some tough concepts. Their reading scores are improving even since the beginning of the year.”

Amber Junior high English teacher, California

What educators say

“Students can advance at their own pace. It covers difficult standards like Argument and Mood. Students are engaged... It covers the common core standards that are difficult to understand: claims, argument, and evidence.”

Mary Middle school language arts teacher, North Carolina

What educators say

“I love this! It teaches exactly what I need to teach in an interactive and engaging way.”

Tonia 6th grade ELA teacher, Illinois

Story-driven approach

The student is the hero in a world where Machines control what we can and can’t read. Students are engaged as they work to master difficult concepts.

Instruction, assessment, and practice

Every chapter includes interactive instruction, guided close reading, and creative application, making the program truly unique in its approach.

Differentiated instruction

Teachers can assign different levels for students who need extra support, like struggling readers and English Learners, making the program accessible to all.

True conceptual understanding

Amplify Reading: 6–8 Edition focuses on ensuring that students have a deep understanding of the concepts that are essential for success in school and beyond.

Why Amplify Reading?

Amplify Reading 6–8 is a digital reading program laser-focused on helping students find deeper meaning in texts by teaching them to question everything they read. The program takes the form of an interactive graphic novel called The Last Readers. This story is set in a dystopian future world run by Machines, where people are told what to read and what to think. Recruited for the rebellion, students are trained in the powerful ways authors convey meaning and affect their audience.

Amplify Reading works!

Students in our study saw significant improvement in their performance, as measured from pre-test to post-test after an average of 3.5 weeks of instruction. Students gained an average of 6.52 scale score points—an increase of over 14%.

What experts say

“It is not enough to ‘comprehend’ a text or to be able to summarize it or answer basic questions about it. A close reader will understand how the author has powerfully communicated the ideas and where that power emanates from.”

Dr. Timothy Shanahan Advisor and co-author of Amplify Reading 6–8, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chi­cago

How it works

It’s 1000 years in the future and the Machines have taken over, telling humans what they can and can’t read. But dissent is afoot. Recruited for the rebellion, students are trained in the powerful ways authors convey meaning.

Interactive instruction

Students meet “agents” who teach them about argumentation and the literary devices authors use to convey meaning. And it’s interactive. Different tools prompt the student to showcase their understanding of the concept.

Guided reading

Authentic literary and informational texts are paired with carefully crafted, text-dependent questions and technology-enhanced items that prepare students for the same types of questions they’ll face on assessments.

Creative application and practice

Students use their knowledge of the concept to create new content that is integrated into the story. Teachers can also leverage the student-created content in each mission as a rich classroom discussion piece.

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