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Amplify Reading: K–2 Edition

A supplemental K–2 program that students can’t wait to play every day—and helps get off-the-charts growth. Based on the latest research, this new program uses captivating storylines to engage students in powerful individualized reading instruction and practice.

A new approach

Our innovative reading program inspires students to achieve true mastery of the skills that they need to be strong readers—from phonological awareness to comprehension—all while having fun.

What educators say

“The kids that I see are thrilled to be using Amplify Reading. The teachers are happy, I'm happy with what it's covering and the kids are happy using it... Our scores at the end of this year were very, very good. So I'm sure it had an impact on test scores.”

Cheryl K-5 literacy coach, Connecticut

What educators say

“This program is extremely engaging and interactive for each student. They begged to get on Amplify and they cried when it was time to log off!! This program is a great addition to our curriculum.”

Brittany 2nd grade teacher, Utah

What educators say

“The addition of Amplify Reading in my classroom has been amazing! The children love the games and I love the progress they are making. It is a win win!”

Jillian 2nd grade teacher, Connecticut

Out-of-this-world engagement

Students journey into a captivating world in which they set out on a series of fun quests with their very own Curioso, a companion creature who grows alongside them.

Super-simple implementation

Works on Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, desktops, and even smartphones. It’s also 100 percent digital — not a single worksheet for teachers to print or score.

Adaptive instruction

As students engage in skill practice, their paths through the game world adapt to meet their unique learning needs.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) baked into the program

Students develop four areas of social-emotional learning—self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills—as well as literacy fundamentals.

Why Amplify Reading

Amplify Reading: K–2 Edition teaches literacy skills through a captivating game world. Our adaptive, research-based program immerses students in language, decoding, and comprehension and differentiates instruction based on progress.

Free guide

How new brain science exposes the missing link in reading instruction.

Amplify Reading works!

In an early study, kindergarteners using Amplify Reading grew an average of 16% more than kindergarteners who didn’t use Amplify Reading. First graders using Amplify Reading grew 23% more than first graders who didn’t.

What experts say

“Beginning readers need a great deal of practice manipulating the sounds in words. Adaptive gaming approaches can provide many more ‘at-bats’ than would be possible for a single teacher working with a whole class, helping to build the neural pathways essential to the acquisition of reading.”

Dr. Bruce McCandliss Professor specializing in educational cognitive neuroscience, Stanford University; lead consultant on Amplify Reading K-2

What experts say

“Proficient readers continuously check to make sure what they just read matches the mental model that they have created by attempting to integrate the new information. Targeted intervention has been shown to help weak comprehenders do the same.”

Dr. Jane Oakhill Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex; expert advisor on Amplify Reading K-2.

What experts say

“One of the strongest findings from decades of literacy research is that beginning readers need practice in hearing the individual sounds that make up words—phonological awareness. Cute robots can help!”

Heidi Anne E. Mesmer Professor at the School of Education, Virginia Tech; expert advisor on Amplify Reading K-2.

How it works

Amplify Reading: K–2 Edition is a research-based, standards-aligned program that builds foundational reading skills — language, decoding, comprehension — along an adaptive pathway of increasingly complex texts.

An imaginative game world

Students enter an imaginative game world with over 40 games—each mapped to specific skills and standards—that give them agency over their progress and excites them about developing their reading skills.

Real-world skill transfer

An integrated eReader with more than 25 fiction and nonfiction texts, allows students to apply learned reading skills to an authentic text. The program ensures that students deeply understand the concepts.

Teacher support

A teacher dashboard with on-demand class usage data shows each student’s time spent on task, skill progress, and current areas of focus. Teachers can see where a student is stuck and offer additional support.

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