Consulting Projects

Projects that deliver on our mission.

From education data systems to custom applications, Amplify Consulting services drive innovative technology solutions that scale to reimagine the way teachers teach and students learn.


We led the ARIS development, including data integration, permissioning, usability, reporting and Web 2.0 collaboration tools, and helped New York City roll out the system to more than 90,000 educators serving 1.1 million students.


We created and delivered a training program to 1,497 schools, school support organizations and networks, and critical stakeholders such as union officials and parent coordinators.


Online walkthroughs for parents were also launched in nine languages, to give parents unprecedented ability to engage in their children’s education with access to easy-to-understand data.


inBloom is a non-profit organization with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York. We partnered with inBloom to custom-build the open-source software that forms the infrastructure for inBloom’s system. The software encourages the ongoing development of compatible applications to better target teaching to student needs.


  • Integrating different state systems into a secure, cloud-based repository for various kinds of learning data.
  • Creating customizable dashboards to make student data more manageable and useful for educators.
  • Enabling vendors and developers to create applications and content that can work with the inBloom technology using an application programming interface (API).


School of One explores what can happen when diverse modalities of instruction, nontraditional divisions of labor, powerful analytics and frequent formative assessment are combined to sequence a child’s learning experiences. The initiative, now in three New York City schools, continues to expand.


As the lead partner to the New York City Department of Education in the creation and ongoing evolution of School of One, we developed the algorithm that manages learning trajectories, instructional content, teaching modalities and resource allocation.


School of One creates unique playlists for each student based on sequential skill needs and the most effective learning modality. The technology adapts daily to deliver focused instruction at the appropriate rate of progress for each student to master the skills on his or her playlist.


We developed the interface to allow users to create, connect and share important information that affects a student’s learning and social development among all the educators who interact with a student—in school, after school and in extracurricular activities.


Preliminary results from our pilot school in Carteret, New Jersey, show that ThirdSpace makes it easier to see patterns develop over time. Sharing relevant, timely information about students sparked inquiry among teachers and after-school educators.

Next steps

Based on our initial findings, we are updating and piloting the new version of ThirdSpace in two middle schools in the fall 2013.

Create and share seating charts.

  • Drag students into any classroom configuration.
  • Auto-align rows and columns.

Take attendance with just a tap.

  • Tap once for absent
  • Tap twice for tardy.

Store student observations together.

  • Tap to quickly flag students for follow-up.
  • Take free-form notes.
  • Record participation and behavior with a simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down rubric.