Rebooting Education for Digital Natives

When it comes to teaching a new generation of tech-savvy students, it’s really all about putting the learning directly in their hands—for them to shape, mold, adapt, and modify. In other words, they need room to play, and the freedom to be creative.

Lance Weiler, a pioneer in the world of storytelling and technology, knows a thing or two about creativity from his cross-platform work with film, gaming, and immersive environments. When his son was born, Weiler became more interested in imagination and play, which led to the founding of Reboot Stories, a company focused on harnessing storytelling, technology, and design science to form an innovation engine for digital literacy, cross-generational learning, and social change.

One of the company’s experiential learning projects was Robot Heart Stories. Two fifth-grade classrooms in underprivileged communities—one in Los Angeles (English speaking), another in Montreal (French speaking)—worked to get a lost robot across North America in order to find her spacecraft and return home. Along the way, the students used math, science, geography, and creative writing to help move the robot from point to point. The project also drew in involvement from a global audience via the Web. It’s just one of the company’s projects, and the group’s goal is to continue to empower students to use their creativity to learn and grow.